"As a country, we should increase our investment for industries and imported goods should be minimized as much as possible and they should be produced in this country. What is produced in this country should be exported as much as possible." The Honorable Minister of Plantation and Industries, Dr. Ramesh Pathirana, made this statement while participating at the opening ceremony of the newly built office premises of Tea Small Holdings Development Society at the Walahanduwa estate, Galle on September 6.

With an investment of 50 million rupees, this center has been built to provide support services to improve the productivity and quality of the tea small holding sector economically and socially.
Equipment such as 50 water motors and 20 liquid sprayer machines were also distributed to tea small holders. Hon Minister stated that the year 2022 was a difficult period for everyone and the leave harvest of the tea industry alone has reduced by 15%. Further the amount paid for a kilogram of tea leaves has exceeded Rs.250, which was Rs. 80 in year 2019.  He stated that Rs. 420 per kilogram of tea has been given as the highest price in history and that in the year 2020 when there was no fertilizer crisis the harvest of 280 million kilograms has increased upto 300 million kilograms in the year 2021 when there was a fertilizer crisis and the reason for this is the widespread rainfall throughout the year.

Also, the Honorable Minister, who commented further, said that through activities such as soil conservation, increasing soil texture, plant nurseries, water management, plant maintenance, etc., implemented in the field of tea cultivation, it is possible to restore the yield deviation caused by the fertilizer crisis and for that, all It was also stated that support from tea growers is also expected.
Member of Parliament for Kegalle District former State Minister of Plantation Industries Mr. Kanaka Herath, Secretary of the Ministry of Plantation Industries Janaka Dharmakirthi, Chairman of Tea Small Holdings Development Authority Dr. Thushara Priyadarshana, General Manager Dhammika Mahipala, Galle District Secretary and other government officials as well as the local political authorities were present at this occasion