This mobile laboratory and extension service, which was successfully installed to provide a better access, timely analysis and extension service to the stakeholders of the tea industry, will enable the small tea plantation owners to research the soil conditions and diseases of tea cultivation in their own cultivation area. It will be a great support for the development of Tea Industry.

Dr. Ramesh Pathirana, Hon Minister of Plantation Industries and Industries, participated at the the inauguration ceremony of Mobile Laboratory and Extension Service at Sri Lanka Tea Research Institute, Ratnapura and stated that, even though the plantation industry and agriculture industry in Sri Lanka have been growing for a long time, the knowledge and skills required for the development of the industrial sector have not been formally transmitted through the education system, so the economy should be strengthened by referring to a vocational education system. This was held concurrent to the 42nd Research and Extension Service for tea small holders.

Ministry officials, officials of Sri Lanka Tea Research Institute, Tea Small Holdings Development Authority and Sri Lanka Tea Board, tea small holders, members of estate-related societies, and many dignitaries including those involved in the tea industry attended the event.