This special diplomatic meeting between the Minister of Plantation Industries and Industries Dr. Ramesh Pathirana and Mrs. (H.E) Bonnie Horbach, the Netherlands Ambassador to Sri Lanka, took place at the premises of the Ministry of Plantation Industries.

The focus was primarily on the possibility of implementing new projects related to agriculture between the two countries, as well as the new projects of getting high results by mixing the traditional agricultural practices of this country as well as the modern techniques in the Netherlands with the traditional agriculture.
Both sides also focused on the promotion of tourism related to plantation industry and agriculture. Apart from that, ideas were also exchanged regarding Sri Lanka's future program of reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and using organic fertilizers.

 It was also discussed to prepare a method to import coconut oil from the country, which is required for various industries in the Netherlands, especially in the production process of various foods including chocolate.

It was also discussed about bringing Dutch tourists to Sri Lanka for the promotion of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka and the Prime Minister was praised for the high potential of Sri Lanka for the tourism industry.

Here, the minister explained about the free health and nutritional conditions of the people in the country, about the country's economic situation and the cost of living, how the rise in the price of essential food items such as fuel and wheat flour in the world market due to the Russian-Ukraine war has also affected Sri Lanka, China, Japan and It was also pointed out to the Ambassador that India has been Sri Lanka's friend since the past and that they have responded optimistically in debt restructuring.

The Ambassador expressed her belief that Sri Lanka, which is inhabited by people with a very high level of education and information technology skills, will soon be able to return to its previous status as a middle-income country with the support of the International Monetary Fund.
Dutch Agriculture Advisor Michiel van Rrkel, Senior Policy Advisor Nishan Dissanayake and other dignitaries joined this