The “Gedaratama Pol Gewaththen” project is operated island wide, in view of providing 2 varieties of high quality hybrid coconut saplings with every home to make use of cultivation in coconut lands for a commercial economy while producing the domestic coconut requirement in home gardens.

This project was initiated recently under the patronage of the Minister of Plantation Industries, Hon. (Dr.) Ramesh Pathirana in the areas of Kithulampitiya, Kalegana, Meepawala and Labuduwa in district of Galle as its centre. Under this, every home was provided with two high quality coconut saplings along with the “Kapruka Athpotha” book launched by the Coconut Research Institute. This handbook can be made use of to make the public aware of the coconut cultivation, technical methods of coconut cultivation, coconut cultivation related menaces and the methodologies to get rid of such menaces.

To coincide the coconut sapling distribution project conducted at Ananda Pirivena, Kithulampitiya with the village as its centre, there was also a training program conducted by the officials of the Coconut Research Institute for making people aware of the methods on how to plant coconut saplings.