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Staff members of the Ministry of Plantation Industries hosted an event to open duties for the year 2023 at Sethsiripaya premises of the Ministry on 02.01.2023. The Public Servants’ pledge for the year 2023 was delivered and this occasion was graced by Hon. (Dr.) Ramesh Pathirana, Minister of Plantation Industries, Hon. Lohan Ratwatte, State Minister of Plantation Industries, and the entire staff including Mr. Janaka Dharmakeerthi, Secretary to the Ministry, Additional Secretaries and Heads of Institutions.

While commenting, Hon. (Dr.) Ramesh Pathirana, Minister of Plantation Industries mentioned that the revenue income of $ 3.1 billion in the year 2019 has gone up to the maximum of $ 3.8 billion in the year 2021 and that it was even below that value in the year 2022 and also that the Ministry of Plantation Industries aims at raising the said value up to $ 4 billion and $ 5 billion in the years 2023 and 2025 respectively.

The Minister further commenting thereon pointed out how other economic difficulties including the fertilizer crisis that had occurred in the country during the year 2022 and the Russian-Ukrainian war-centered global economic downfall have contributed for lowering the export income in the domestic plantation sector. It was also pointed out that the world tea revenue of $ 7.7 billion during the year 2020 has not shown more progress than in previous years and that there has been a growth in Coffee oriented total revenue from $ 35 billion to $ 42 billion. The Minister also highlighted the challenge that our products should be brought forward along with value-added chains in the global market which shrinks for certain products in the field of plantation industries and paid his gratitude to the entire Ministerial staff for the service rendered to safeguard the plantation industries amidst many challenges during the past difficult times.

Addressing this event, State Minister Hon. Lohan Ratwatte stated that everyone together should act in consideration of the country in this year also for the welfare of the field of plantation industries which generates a huge amount of foreign exchange to the country.
Mr. Janaka Dharmakeerthi, Secretary to the Ministry also explained to the audience the challenges that had to be encountered during the previous year and how to implement plans in the future.