Duties and Functions assigned to the Ministry as per the Extra Ordinary Gazette No. 2289/43 dated 22.07.2022are:


Re-orienting the overall plantation industry aimed at attracting the export market by diversification of value-added products through the adoption of research techniques, new technological tools, and the optimum utilization of land.

Duties and Functions

1. Formulation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of policies, programs, and projects, in relation to the subject of Plantation Industries and all subjects that come under
the purview of Departments, Statutory Institutions, and Public Corporations listed on the national policies implemented by the government.

2. Provision of public services under the purview of the Ministry in an efficient and people-friendly manner

3. Reforming all systems and procedures using modern management techniques and technology, thus ensuring that the functions of the Ministry are fulfilled while eliminating corruption and waste.

4. Enhance international competitiveness for productivity in the plantation industry

5. Take necessary steps to foster value-added products - related industries based on plantation crops that target the international market.

6. Matters relating to the development, promotion, and research activities of the tea, rubber, and coconut industries

7. Limit to the maximum extent, the fragmentation of tea, rubber, and coconut estates for human settlements

8. Increase the use of new technology for the plantation crop industry

9. Increase the availability of raw materials for the rubber products industry through the encouragement of small and medium-scale rubber estate owners

10. Issuance of licenses related to tea and rubber

11. Promote rural tea cultivation and encourage small tea holders

12. Issuance of permits for the export of tea

13. Expansion of the international tea market for Ceylon Tea with the participation of both state and private sectors

14. Development of crop-based cultivation including lands owned by public and private plantation companies

15. Encouragement of rubber-related products aimed at local and foreign markets

16. Formulation and implementation of a plan for the proper utilization of lands in the estate sector

17. Issuance of licenses related to the fragmentation of tea, rubber, and coconut and their control

18. Implementation of a program to encourage small plantation crop growers.

19. Introduction of high-yielding varieties to farmers in collaboration with research institutes.

20. Expansion of the export market opportunities and production of high-value items through value addition to local products using modern technology.

21. Take measures to direct small-scale agri-entrepreneurs to the global economy by ensuring the security of the minor crops industry.

22. Provision of necessary incentives and facilities to increase the yield by supplying quality seeds and plants for minor crop cultivations.

23. Implementation of policies for the promotion of sustainable resource use and bio protection including value-added production.

24. Development of local crops such as cinnamon and pepper for the export market under the Sri Lanka Brand instead of re-export.

25. Revive closed down sugar factories.

26. Implementation of a technology-based program for sparse water utilization in sugarcane cultivation.

27. Establish export villages for small plantation crops.

28. Development, promotion, and research on coconut, kithul, and palmyra-related industries.

29. Development of strategies to meet the local demand for coconut, and to export of value-added products of coconut, thambili, and kurumba.

30. Optimum utilization of plantation lands through multiple cropping and integrated farming, thereby increasing production and employment.

31. Introduction of high-yielding coconut plant varieties, taking into consideration geographical factors.

32. Development of technology-infused coconut, kitul and palmyrah-based industries targeting the local and foreign markets.

33. Matter relating to all other subjects assigned to institutions.

34. Supervision the Institutions under the Ministry.