Mushroom 1


Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industries, Mahinda Amaraweera, has announced that the Government of China's Hainan Province has given its approval to establish a state-of-the-art rice processing center in the Hambantota district of the southern province. Notably, no such facility has been established by either the public or private sector in this region thus far. The designated rice processing center will predominantly be situated in the villages of Angunakopalassa Jandura and Guruwala, functioning under a cooperative system with active participation from the unemployed youth community.

During an official visit to the Hainan province of China two weeks ago, the minister formally presented a request to the Chinese government, resulting in a positive response. This was disclosed by the minister while allocating additional financial provisions and equipment on January 6, 2024, for the mushroom production village located in the Guruwala and Jandura villages.

Presently, over 200 families are engaged in successful mushroom cultivation within this village, generating substantial daily income through the sale of their produce.

On January 6th, 2024, the minister distributed equipment and financial allocations worth 10 million rupees to support and enhance the endeavors of mushroom producers.

In addition, the minister emphasized the prevailing monopoly in the country's rice production, controlled by a few rice mill owners who dictate the prices. To address this issue, the government is planning to establish several high-tech rice mills across the country. Acknowledging the need for collaboration, the minister highlighted the preparation of a cooperative work arrangement for the first rice processing center, involving the youth of Jandura and Guruwala.

This initiative marks the introduction of a modern rice mill in the Hambantota district, equipped with cutting-edge components not currently available in the region. The minister expressed optimism that, following discussions with the Chinese government, positive responses have been received, indicating progress in the project.